You have a game changing idea for a cleaner world and you’re passionate about bringing it to market.


You need financial backing to take your innovation to the next level, but you want funders who see the business and profit potential, yet also understand the greater value behind it.


You seek partners who understand the imperfect world in which entrepreneurs live, and appreciate what it takes to bring new technologies to market.


You want allies who are equally committed to developing solutions today that will ensure our children and grandchildren enjoy a clean and thriving world tomorrow.

Why is E8 often the first place innovators turn for clean technology funding?
Because we simply get it!

We know the challenges are great, but the opportunities are even greater.  We’re confident that there’s not just one great idea – but hundreds and maybe even thousands – that will enable sustainable living for millennia to come. That’s why E8 invites entrepreneurs to pitch us their ideas, their business plans and their dreams.


E8 investors don’t just fund, we partner with outstanding innovators and entrepreneurs to help them build successful companies. 


When an innovator is ready to take their business to the next level, when they require more financial support than is possible with bootstrapping and ‘friends and family’ funding, E8 provides ‘angel’ levels of capital, through an equity stake or appropriate forms of debt, to those companies whose plans we find compelling.

Our objective, skilled and passionate members will evaluate and conduct due diligence on the most promising. If funded, you’ll become part of the E8 ecosystem of investors, advisers, partners, technologists, and others dedicated to advancing a clean economy. If not, we’ll still give you advice and likely other contacts to help move your idea forward. Beyond just dollars, E8 investors mentor and coach entrepreneurs, serve on their boards, provide contacts, and assist with strategic planning, key hiring decisions, and fundraising.


Our goal is to help make the companies in which we invest highly profitable for both the start-up and its investors.