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E8 Supports Your Innovation and Success

E8 is a member organization of accredited investors, our members have been, champions and allies of early stage cleantech startups since 2006. With an intimate understanding of the sector, its technologies, business models, and the unique dynamic of cleantech, our investors can help you reach your fundraising and business goals as efficiently as possible. Through E8, you can access a variety of capital sources, including direct investment from member families and funds; philanthropic investment from donor advised funds and others; and, as desired, syndication with others in our network. Our goal is to maximize the return on investment by partnering with E8.

What We Fund

We recognize it takes a breadth of vision to solve our environmental and economic challenges. If you have a highly promising business which increases the health of our planet by improving the sustainability of resources or reducing the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere then we’re eager to hear more.​

E8 members invest in companies based in the United States and Canada working in:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Energy Storage & Battery Technology

  • Green Building

  • Energy & Resource Efficiency

  • Sustainable & Precision Agriculture

  • Regenerative Agriculture

  • Water Technologies & Bio-remediation

  • Sustainable Fisheries 

  • Non-Toxic Advanced Materials & Chemistry

  • Clean Web & Software

  • Smart Grid

  • Waste to Resource

  • Advanced Transportation & Electric Vehicles​​​


  • Equity

  • Convertible Notes/SAFES

  • Revenue Sharing Equity

  • Asset-Backed Debt Vehicles

  • Project Financing

Funding Opportunities


E8 Direct Angel Investment

E8 presents opportunities to its members September through June, with three companies presenting each month.  Founders can find the selection criteria and other resource on our website. Use the link below to start the application process.

Decarbon8-US Fund

If your company is early-stage, focused on technological solutions that advance decarbonization, is based in the United States or Canada, and meets the other criteria of Decarbon8-US, you might be a fit for our Decarbon8-US Fund. We start reviewing applications for Decarbon8-US in the late spring and the program runs over the summer, culminating in an opportunity for investment from the Decarbon8 Fund and E8 Angels in September. Each year has a different theme. Past years have included decarbonization in the built environment, agriculture and transportation. 2024's theme to be announced in early 2024. Learn More about Decarbon8-US here.

Selection Criteria

E8 members invest in companies that are headquartered anywhere in the United States and Canada (although products and services may be delivered globally).​ When evaluating which companies will be selected to present to E8, we consider alignment with E8's mission and the potential for positive impact alongside opportunity for financial returns. Key attributes of companies selected by members for investment include:

  • Willingness to accept a minimum check size of $25,000 for an individual investor

  • Customer value proposition that can profitably solve a real-world problem

  • Differentiating technology, service, process, or model that can be monetized and made scalable

  • Defensible competitive advantage, including registered patents and/or other barriers to competition

  • Clear go-to-market strategy and proof of market desirability and timing

  • Traction, such as pilot programs, letters of intent, or customer purchases

  • Proven and committed team with relevant skills and demonstrated resilience 

  • Credible and balanced business plan including key execution milestones realistically achievable with the proceeds from this round

  • If company will require additional financing rounds, evidence that it will be attractive to subsequent funders based on achievement of the milestones funded in this round

  • Clear and documented understanding of competitive landscape

  • Understanding of key risks and a plan to mitigate them

  • Clear path to profitability

  • Market(s) large enough for your company to generate a minimum of $20 to $30 million in annual revenues (based on a reasonable market share) within 3-5 years and a reasonable possibility of venture-scale returns for investors

  • Reasonable valuation aligned with market

  • Net funding need for the current round that is typically in the $250K – $1M range, and typically does not exceed $3 - $5 Million

  • Realistic exit strategy for investors

Learn More About E8's Funding Process:
From Application to Investment

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