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Your partner for innovation, scale, and success. 

E8 has been an investor, champion and ally of early stage cleantech startups for over 15 years. Intimately familiar with the sector, technologies, business models and special dynamics of cleantech, our platform can help you reach your fundraising and business goals as efficiently as possible. Through E8 you access a variety of capital sources, including direct investment from member families and fund; possible investment from the E8 Ventures Fund launching in 2022; philanthropic investment from donor advised funds and others; and, as desired, syndication with others in our network. Our goal is to maximize the ROI from partnering with E8.

The global E8 community of investors supports your enterprise in many ways 
  • Early stage funding, from pre-Seed to Series A

  • Follow-on funding for future rounds

  • A streamlined due diligence process managed by professional staff that is varies based on available information

  • An expert-produced due diligence brief or full report that may be shared with others

  • Constructive feedback and engagement from climatetech veterans

  • Experts who can bring a range of social capital as well, from industry and customer connections, to advisor roles, and more.

  • Connections among our own networks and portfolio companies

We hope you will consider presenting your technology and vision for consideration. Please learn more of what we fund and our investment criteria, and apply if you believe we create value and impact together.

Our goal is to be the best partners possible to our portfolio companies, 
driving outsized profits and impact for your benefit and your investors.
how we support companies
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