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Decarbon8-US 2023 portfolio company Symbium is revolutionizing the energy efficiency sector. 

Seattle, WA, June 28, 2024 -

In 2023, Symbium emerged as one of E8’s finalists for the Decarbon8-US Philanthropic Fund. Symbium's mission is to enable anyone to effortlessly understand and visualize the possibilities for their property, simplifying the process of submitting and managing permits, rebates, and inspections.


The United States has set an ambitious goal to retrofit over 40 million square feet of existing residential real estate to meet decarbonization goals. Symbium's computational law-powered Citizen’s Dashboard streamlines citizen-to-government interactions in planning and building processes, providing instant clarity on property regulations and enabling swift permit issuance through integrated regulatory checks. 


"Decarbon8's steadfast support has been instrumental in enabling Symbium to revolutionize the energy efficiency sector,” says Leila Banijamali, CEO of Symbium. “By streamlining the permitting process for solar, energy storage, EV charging, and more, Symbium accelerates project timelines crucial to meeting aggressive emission reduction goals.”


Since receiving funding from Decarbon8-US in September 2023, Symbium has made substantial progress. The company has processed around 1000 instant solar permits and is supporting major installers like Tesla, Sunrun, and Freedom Forever on a recurring basis.


“Thanks to Decarbon8's early backing and industry-specific expertise, we've rapidly onboarded over 30 jurisdictions, paving the way for widespread adoption of sustainable technologies,'' states Banijamali. “Their commitment to quality investments and strategic guidance reinforces their pivotal role in advancing our mission and driving impactful change in climate tech in the US."


Decarbon8-US is now accepting donations and grants for the 2024 round, focused on renewable energy. Anyone, at any amount, can make a charitable donation to Decarbon8-US to invest in technologies that will accelerate our transition to a cleaner world. All donations to Decarbon8-US are tax-deductible and are made to our 501(c)(3) partner Realize Impact, who administers the Fund.

About Decarbon8-US

Decarbon8-US is E8’s philanthropic impact fund. It uses donations and grants to invest in early stage companies whose technologies accelerate the transition to environmentally sustainable solutions. Entrepreneurs apply in the spring and a team of investors, fellows, and expert judges choose 2-3 companies to receive funding in the fall. Each year the Decarbon8-US Fund choses a different theme around decarbonization. This year, the theme is renewable energy. In 2023 the theme was the built environment. 

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