Decarbon8-US, a philanthropic investment fund from E8 angels and Realize Impact, is thrilled to announce its first three investees, representing the decarbonization and investment potential for electric vehicles, hydrogen power and carbon capture. Please explore each – and be a part of it! 
D8 encourages your participation, with flexible ways to invest given your preferred amount and type, on top of discovering other cleantech deals with the E8 investor network.
1. Contribute any amount to Decarbon8-US: you’ll be a part of each company’s investment with a new tax deductible gift or grant (including appreciated securities); you can directly boost the investments we make –
and you may also share in any philanthropic returns (if over $5k).
2. Make a direct personal investment alongside Decarbon8-US, if you are an accredited investor.  You can access Decarbon8-US's existing due diligence in your consideration.

Please enjoy the full story from these companies, direct from Zander Isaacson of Xeal, Amy George of Earthly Labs and Andrew Coors of Steelhead Composites.   
Please contact our Ed,  Mike Rea, or the Fund Brief with queries.
D8 is made possible thanks to support from E8, UW, WSU, Craft3, the Cleantech Alliance and Stolte Family Foundation.
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Do you:


  • Crave impact and a new way to make a difference?

  • Believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship and markets?

  • Seek inspiration and learning opportunities for your family or employees?

  • Want to learn about cleantech and angel investing?

Now is the time, amidst great need and change, to deepen our support for the

cleantech entrepreneurs and innovations that are beginning to transform our

world. The pandemic gives us a window into the systemic threats we may face, but we also see the shift in lifestyles and emissions that is possible.  Now is the time to positively reboot our thinking and economy. The Decarbon8-US Fund allows anyone to help the enterprises that will usher in the transformation we need.

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The Decarbon8-US Fund


Makes equity and debt investments in early stage companies with market-ready solutions. 

Is philanthropic and open to everyone, accepting donations and grants of any size. 

Will focus on high potential decarbonization startups in EV adoption, green buildings, agriculture, maritime, carbon capture and more. 

Helps accredited investors co-invest to boost impact. 

Reinvests returns to amplify progress; larger contributions may share returns with a donor advised fund or foundation. 

Leverages a diverse coalition and is led by cleantech angel network E8. Veteran investors and subject matter experts form the Investment Committee; the Fund is hosted by Realize Impact, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

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The Pathways


These strategies can get us to a clean energy future. Check the Fund Brief and for examples of the startups that will be the engines of change. 

Scan E8’s portfolio for examples of the types of companies, some now much larger and later stage, that we can accelerate with your help, including Nori, Level 10, Green Canopy, and OnSwitch.

This is where we need to go – and how we can get there; learn more from “Meeting the Challenge” by the Clean Energy Transition Institute. 


Please reach out directly to E8's Executive Director,

Mike Rea, at for more information.

Donations to the Fund are made via Realize Impact, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit.

Additional information on the legal basis for the Fund and for Impact Investing.