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Our 2023 cycle focuses on Decarbonization in The Built Environment.

Impact investors, both personal and philanthropic, contact us to stay informed about deals and opportunities this summer. We take an encompassing view of The Built Environment and prioritize early stage deals with pilots in progress or with early revenue ready to scale. Our applications closed on June 26, 2023.

D8 is made possible thanks to support from E8, Realize Impact,UWWSU, the CleanTech Alliance and Stolte Family Foundation.

With an easy donation or personal investment you can have a direct link to early stage companies at the forefront of the climate tech revolution, participating in their impact, job creation, technological innovation, and hopefully gains!

The Decarbon8-US Fund is a philanthropic impact fund that allows anyone to make a gift or grant, which is then invested in decarbonization startups selected by our judges. Larger gifts or grants (>$20k) even qualify for recovering any returns into a philanthropic fund (or reinvesting them). E8 Members and other accredited investors may also personally co-invest in the winning, finalist investments. 

Makes equity and debt investments in early stage US- and Canadian-based companies with market-ready solutions. 

Is philanthropic and open to everyone, accepting donations and grants of any size. It’s a great way for family, friends and employees to connect, learn and drive climate progress. 

Focuses on high potential decarbonization startups, 2023's focus is The Built Environment.

Encourages accredited investors to co-invest in companies they love, to boost impact and add personal return potential. 

Reinvests returns to amplify progress or shares its philanthropic returns with your fund or foundation; larger contributions may recover returns into a donor advised fund or foundation. 

Leverages a diverse coalition. Veteran E8 investors and subject matter experts form the Investment Committee; the Fund is hosted by Realize Impact, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

You and your advisors can learn more on the legal basis for the Fund and for Impact Investing.

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The Decarbon8-US Fund

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Please reach out directly to Karin Kidder, at for more information.

Donations to the Fund are made via Realize Impact, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Additional information on the legal basis for the Fund and for Impact Investing.

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