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Automotus is Reducing Emissions, Congestion, and Safety Hazards on the Curb 

Decarbon8-US, E8’s philanthropic impact fund, selected Automotus as one of four finalists to receive investment from Decarbon8-US in 2021-- the theme that year was transportation. Automotus utilizes curb management solutions to reduce emissions, congestion, and safety hazards by using machine learning...

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Decarbon8-US 2023 portfolio company Symbium is revolutionizing the energy efficiency sector. 

In 2023, Symbium emerged as one of our finalists for the Decarbon8-US Philanthropic Fund. Symbium's mission is to enable anyone to effortlessly understand and visualize the possibilities for their property, simplifying the process of submitting and managing permits, rebates, and inspections...

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E8 Angels Issues Call for Proposals for the Decarbon8-US 2024 Fund, Focused on Renewable Energy

E8 Angels has released the annual request for proposals for Decarbon8-US, its philanthropic impact fund. This year's focus centers on fostering innovation in renewable energy...

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