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Washington State University

At Washington State University (WSU), research is committed to helping the world provide sufficient high-quality food and fresh water for future generations, and to create renewable energy systems that safeguard the environment. 

Reliable production, storage, and transmission of clean energy is essential to reduce greenhouse gases and climate change which threatens the ability to grow food and access water; these challenges are inextricably linked.

WSU scientists have pioneered programs in biologically inspired storage strategies, advanced battery materials, and alternative fuels.

Their scholars have expertise in:

  • Fundamental genetics

  • Metabolism

  • Physiology

  • Pathology of plant and animal systems

  • Next generation energy production and storage technologies

  • Renewable energy materials development and process management

  • Water science, management, and utilization

Add this to WSU's known expertise in Sustainable Building, including Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Advanced Materials Research, Biofuel and Bioproducts, Precision Agriculture, and their extensive work on the Smart Grid.

The University collaborates with top-level scientists nationwide to advance food, energy, and water research initiatives. In addition, WSU forges strong relationships with public and private organizations to support studies related to resource sustainability.

More Information: 

WSU Research - Sustainable Resources

WSU Office of Clean Technology

Telephone: (509) 335-3564


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