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WISErg Corporation

WISErg creates premium organic fertilizers using local compostable waste. Grocers and commercial kitchens realize compostable waste reduction of 60-80%, reducing hauling costs and carbon footprint.


Fertilizer customers are offered a competitive, sustainable product.

In 2010, Americans discarded an astounding 34 million tons of food scraps as waste. WISErg’s mission is to empower grocers and communities to rethink sustainability through the prevention of waste generation and better upcycling of unavoidable excess.

WISErg is committed to innovating with technology and changing the perception of waste. In 2012, they debuted the Harvester™, which grocers and food service providers use to discard food scraps with no mess, no odor, no pests and rodents, and no sewage output. WISErg then uses a patent-pending oxidative conversion process to intercept nutrients from food scraps and refine this waste into a liquid fertilizer approved for organic crop production.

The Harvester™ usage data is captured and processed, which enables the Harvester™ customer to assess the disposal of food scraps and receive regular usage and analytical reports – providing key insights used to reduce unnecessary inventory loss.

Category: Waste to Resource

Based in: Issaquah, WA

Founded in: 2009

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