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E8 takes a very broad view of what we consider ‘cleantech’ innovation.


Our portfolio companies reflect creativity over a wide range of products, services, and market sectors. We recognize it will take a breadth and a depth of vision to solve our environmental and economic challenges.

If you have a highly promising business which would contribute to a more sustainable economy and a cleaner planet, then we’re eager to listen.

E8 has already invested all around North America in companies working in:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Energy Storage & Battery Technology

  • Green Building

  • Energy & Resource Efficiency

  • Sustainable & Precision Agriculture

  • Water Technologies & Bio-remediation

  • Advanced Materials & Chemistry

  • Non-toxic product substitutions

  • Clean Web & Software

  • Smart Grid

  • Waste to Resource

  • Advanced Transportation & Electric Vehicles


Perhaps your idea is a completely new breakthrough.  Perhaps it’s an efficiency-increasing, cost-reducing twist on an old one. Or maybe you’ve found a way to reduce existing barriers to adoption.


In short, if your company will in some way – directly or indirectly – increase the health of our planet by improving the sustainability of resources or reducing the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere, E8 wants to hear about it.

Our members have supported:

  • all manner of innovations in alternative energies including solar, wind, ocean waves, and water turbines

  • savvy products to increase energy efficiency in existing buildings, and unique and better ways to build new ones.

  • ways to reduce toxicity in our air, water, or land

  • ways to create non-toxic substitutes for high-risk products

  • ways to reduce waste streams and convert them to useful new products

  • electric vehicles

  • biofuels

  • sustainable & precision agriculture

  • methods of managing water as the precious resource it is

  • novel and cost-saving ways to store energy

  • software solutions which better manage energy or help source ‘clean’ products

  • finance mechanisms for under-served and challenging markets

  • new processes which reduce the amount of materials needed or lessen the environmental burden of transporting them

  • socially responsible companies, including resellers of clean energy and an incubator


E8 is located in the Pacific Northwest, and we welcome and participate in deals from all across the United States and Canada.

While we often hear pitches from companies with ‘chiseled-in-stone’ term sheets,  E8 is also experienced in leading early stage rounds.

E8 works with other angel groups, both regional and national, to maximize deal flow and to syndicate deals when we need to fill out investment rounds. We are a member of the Angel Capital Association, and our members receive complimentary access to ACA member restricted content.

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