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Verlitics is no longer an active company and its website has been removed.

The company spun out their legacy business, Emme, in 2012 into a new company in order to focus on their cloud-based software as a service offering. The spin-out company is still active; info on it and on the Emme device, which provides residential and commercial customers with customisable HVAC controls to reduce energy usage, can be found at

Verlitics provides a low-cost, Cloud-connected sensor that captures real-time building electricity use, including the signature associated with each device using that energy. Proprietary, cloud-based analytics use this signature information to identify when each device turned on or off.

Additional analytics use this information to immediately identify usage, operational and maintenance patterns that result in wasted energy.

The ability to capture detailed information on the energy usage of buildings and households down to the individual device level has long been considered a holy grail of data analytics and related services.

Historically, the market has lacked highly detailed device-level energy data. The data captured and abstracted from smart meters, energy bills, and other rudimentary sensors simply does not have the resolution and accuracy for deeper and broader analytics. Verlitics intends to change this paradigm.

Category: Energy Efficiency

Based in: Portland, OR

Founded in: 2009

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