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Vartega Inc. is a recycler of advanced materials – specifically strong and lightweight carbon fiber – used in the aerospace, automotive, wind energy, and sporting goods industries. Vartega will produce low-cost recycled carbon fiber at a significant cost savings compared to virgin material.

There is a current lack of infrastructure for recycling carbon fiber manufacturing scrap. Typical scrap rates are as high as 30% – resulting in 15,000 tons of waste being sent to landfill each year. Waste disposal costs and lost material value impact profitability.


Automobile manufacturers are struggling to meet increasing fuel economy standards with traditional materials. If it weren’t for the high cost, carbon fiber would be an ideal material to reduce vehicle weight and improve efficiency.

Vartega has developed a low-cost grade of carbon fiber through the use of its patent pending recycling process. This recycled grade has mechanical properties similar to virgin material and can be used in broad ranging applications including nonwoven fabrics, thermoplastic pellets, yarns, and 3D printing filaments.


By utilizing the Vartega process, thousands of tons of prepreg carbon fiber manufacturing scrap will be diverted from landfills each year. Significant financial benefit will come to waste generators who can reduce their waste disposal costs and even greater benefit will be realized by consumers through fuel savings in vehicle lightweighting applications.

Category:      Waste to Resource

                        Advanced Materials
Based in:       Golden, CO
Founded in:  2014

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