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University of Washington

As one of the world’s preeminent universities, the UW’s impact is profound both globally and locally. It generates $12.5 billion in economic impact for our state and ranks among the top universities for technology startups.

University of Washington Clean Energy Institute

The Clean Energy Institute (CEI) aims to accelerate the adoption of a scalable clean energy future by advancing next generation solar energy and electrical energy storage materials and devices, as well as their integration with the grid. 


CEI seeds programs that focus on clean energy education, innovation, and transformation. This involves:

  • Training the next generation of clean energy innovators.

  • Supporting novel, high-risk/high-reward research.

  • Creating shared facilities with state-of-the-art instrumentation for academic researchers and industry to help bring cleantech innovations to the marketplace.

  • Building a community of interdisciplinary researchers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists devoted to a clean energy future.

Washington Clean Energy Testbeds
The Washington Clean Energy Testbeds offers pay-per-use, open access to state-of-the art R&D instruments for the testing and design of energy devices and systems.

The Testbeds are a 15,000 square foot laboratory and collaborative workspace that enables start-ups and established businesses open access to state-of-the art R&D facilities. The Testbeds provide access to the instrumentation, training, and expertise necessary to scale next-generation clean energy devices and systems.  

The Testbeds are operated by the University of Washington Clean Energy Institute.

Clean Energy Institute | University of Washington
Box 351653
Seattle, WA  98195-1653
(206) 543-5964

Contact: Daniel Schwartz, Director

Washington Clean Energy Testbeds

4625 Union Bay Place NE

Seattle, WA  98105

(206) 685-6833



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