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SparkMeter offers comprehensive low-cost metering solutions for everything from rural micro-grids to existing urban central grid utilities.

Their target markets are microgrids and privately-owned utilities or electricity distribution operators that provide electricity to customers in Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and other under-served regions of the world. 

Their mission is to attack "energy poverty" – the circumstance of depending on low quality fuels and inefficient end-uses, or conversely, the lack of access to modern energy services.  This supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goal to provide for the over 2 billion people who currently lack access or reliable access to electricity. 

SparkMeter's low-cost, easy-install, and scalable electric meters, along with supporting software and communications technology,  operate effectively despite intermittent service and connectivity, and enable both microgrids and centralized utilities to configure systems, meter, bill and communicate with end-users.  

Their software offers customizable tariff and power-load limiting configurations, and control over individual meters. The products can be set up and configured quickly and easily without months of planning or dedicated IT professionals. Systems can be monitored locally or remotely.

SparkMeter is the leader in this market in the developing world, already operating in 22 different countries. Their team has an international reputation, is well-known at the UN and World Bank, and offers extensive experience implementing developing-country microgrids (Haiti) and providing metering solutions to microgrids.

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Category:      Microgrids & Smart Grid     

Based in:       Washington, DC
Founded in:  2013

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