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Solstice was founded on the belief that every American household can be powered by affordable renewable energy.

80% of Americans are effectively locked out of the rooftop solar market. These households include those who rent their homes, own a condo, have inadequate credit, or possess a non-optimal roof.


Solstice deploys “community solar”, which enables households to subscribe to a shared solar farm in
their neighborhood. Subscribing saves them money on their electric bill without requiring a rooftop or
any upfront costs, finally making clean energy a universally attainable good.

Their digital platform and online marketplaces make it easy for households to sign up for community solar, allowing Solstice to generate market demand and solve two major pain points for solar developers – customer and site acquisition – all at a lower cost.


By deploying community solar, Solstice works for greater energy equity and a future in which clean energy works for every American household, regardless of income level, credit score, or any other factor.

By mid-2019 Solstice has connected customers to 17 projects across New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and DC.

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Category:      Renewable Energy

Based in:       Cambridge, MA

                         Homer, NY
Founded in:  2014

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