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Sealed guarantees savings from home energy efficiency improvements.   This solves the single biggest barrier to the greater adoption of residential energy efficiency: lack of confidence in energy savings.

Most people spend far more money than they need to to heat, cool, and operate their home while experiencing comfort and other problems caused by this same energy waste. This means we are all living in homes that cost more than they should, with a lower quality of life than we deserve.

By guaranteeing savings, Sealed enables the rapid adoption of energy efficiency in homes across the country. Sealed not only saves homeowners money every year, but can catalyze residential carbon savings equivalent to 10 percent of US 2020 carbon goals and create hundreds of thousands of local, green jobs.

Following the installation of efficiency improvements like insulation, air sealing and HVAC upgrades – performed by a network of installer partners – Sealed replaces homeowners’ utility bills with a single Sealed Energy Bill guaranteed to be lower than normal. The size of the guarantee is based on Sealed’s proprietary analytics that determine an appropriate guarantee based on the home and project characteristics.

Category:      Energy Efficiency
Based in:       New York, NY
Founded in:  2012

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