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Scope 5

Scope 5 is a web-based software service to help companies track, analyze and report on their environmental impact and use of energy and resources. It helps customers, primarily large- and medium-sized enterprises, advance from cumbersome and costly manual spreadsheets to easy data import, sophisticated analytics, and customized graphic-rich dashboards for clear reporting.


Scope 5 reduces operational costs and risks. Their software makes it easy for companies of all sizes to collect data on their resource use and environmental impact, to manage this data and to extract value from it.

Companies can set performance targets, monitor progress in real time, and compare goals and results across different organizational groups. The software is highly adaptable to the customer’s needs.

Nor is the value limited to internal company use. Today thousands of companies must respond to requests from their supply chain customers to account for their sustainability data; some respond to as many as 300+ requests each year. Failure to respond in a timely manner can mean a costly loss of business. Scope 5 averts that risk.

Unlike the complex and expensive solutions available from ‘big software’, Scope 5 offers an easy to use, full featured SaaS product at a fraction of the cost. With Scope 5, businesses can get started easily and can demonstrate ROI rapidly.

Category: Clean Web, Energy Efficiency

Based in: Seattle, WA

Founded in: 2009

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