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RYNO Motors designed a breakthrough single wheel electric “personal mobility product”, and then leveraged that experience to create a product engineering and licensing company.


That company seeks to "helps companies build scalable global businesses by taking the risk out of designing exciting products that resonate."

The Ryno Micro-Cycle is a highly maneuverable, self-balancing, street legal, one-wheeled motorcycle, whose 10-mile range allows for door to door urban transportation.  The goal? Making motorized personal transportation accessible, enjoyable, and practical.

RYNO can be parked in an apartment, or simply remove the battery for convenient recharging. It is powerful enough take a 260 pound adult up a steep hill in San Francisco, yet has a small enough foot print to take it on a crowded train or building elevator. Its automatic balancing system will not let the rider fall.

It’s an eye-catching, fascinating product.  Yet RYNO will assure you that this is far more than a luxury plaything for the high-tech crowd; the world needs this type of personal transportation. The US may remain car-dominant for now, but around the globe electric scooters are a huge, and still growing, market.

New in 2018 is the Ryno HF-1 electric hydrofoil watercraft. It uses a “V” shaped hydrofoil design and a tilting seat that offers the rider a highly maneuverable, quiet yet exciting recreational experience.  The Ryno HF-1 is available for global manufacturing license.

Ryno Motors

Category:     Advanced Transportation

Based in:      Portland, OR

Founded in: 2007

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