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Rev Technologies

REV Technologies is no longer in operation. The company has not filed for bankruptcy and may be resurrected in the future, but there is no current activity and the website has been removed.

REV Technologies was developing REVnet, a network service to unlock and monetize the energy capacity in electric vehicles.

REVnet was designed to enable electric vehicle owners to be compensated for transparently allowing their vehicles to participate in the exchange of energy with the grid to smooth the fluctuations of electricity demand and supply, and provide storage for renewable energy.

REV Technologies designs, develops and delivers 100% electric vehicles made to deliver on specialized needs of commercial fleet operators. REV vehicles also contain proprietary technologies that enable its available stored power to also be used in equipment, buildings and homes whenever and wherever the vehicle is plugged in.

With REV’s electric vehicle (EV) and networking technologies, the next generation of EV’s will act as high-output energy endpoints that improve reliability of the grid, thereby increasing society’s adoption of wind and solar power enabling vehicles to act as power stations, at home, work and play. Networking vehicles to fast-switch between powering off-board devices while staying synchronized with the grid is called Vehicle To X, or V2X, and lies at the core of our technology differentiation and growing patent portfolio.

For 3 hours a day, on average, REV’s electric vehicle is a transportation device, the other 21 hours it is a mobile power supply.

Category: Energy Storage, Advanced Transportation

Based in: Vancouver, BC

Founded in: 2008
Website:  none

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