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Rebound Technologies

Rebound Technologies manufactures IcePoint®, the "most flexible, efficient and economically optimized cooling equipment ever developed".

This overlooked sector can have a significant effect on diverting food waste and on climate change mitigation by dramatically reducing energy consumption for one of the world’s largest and fastest growing electricity end-uses.


The product integrates with existing freezer systems at cold storage facilities and provides the control to deploy bursts of high capacity cooling, ideal for accelerating blast freezing and mitigating peak energy expenses.

These bursts are claimed to freeze product 2x faster than added compressor capacity and use about 40% less energy.

IcePoint® integrates into any existing or new refrigeration system via a zero-risk, liquid cooling approach.


The company was formed to solve complex thermofluid challenges. While thermal batteries have an important role to play, Rebound wanted to go beyond shifting electricity purchases.  


One of the biggest, if not the biggest, challenges facing the refrigeration industry is how to develop a reliable, economically practical alternative to legacy, compression-based cooling.  So Rebound set out to invent and commercialize an entirely new cooling cycle.

They are currently operating the first commercially-deployed, closed loop, freeze point suppression cycle in the world. 

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Category:      Energy Efficiency

                        Industrial Refrigeration

Based in:       Denver, CO
Founded in:  2012

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