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Promus Energy

Promus Energy is a project development company focused on renewable and sustainable technology.  Promus creates value by converting wastes (manure) to multiple revenue generating products through anaerobic digestion.

In addition to fierce economic competition, dairy farmers are increasingly rated on the sustainability of their operations by key customers, such as governments or  food retailers.  Promus Energy’s model solves regulatory mandates and delivers a powerful economic model answering:

  • the need for low carbon renewable fuel,

  • the need for dairies to better manage their nutrients to comply with clean water requirements, and

  • the opportunity to make money from waste, turning a previous costly challenge into a source of revenue.

Dairy farmers  are partnering with Promus Energy to turn waste into multiple sources of revenue:  renewable natural gas (RNG),  bio-fertilizers, and fiber.

Promus’ model utilizes proven technology in anaerobic digestion, gas cleaning, and nutrient recovery that has been commercially tested and is patent protected.  This sustainable model is profitable, replicable, and beneficial to both dairies and the environment.

Promus Energy’s principal product – pipeline-grade RNG – is arguably the most sustainable transportation fuel available, with a negative Green House Gas (GHG) rating and other environmental benefits. It is  half the price of diesel and can compete on price with fracked natural gas, even under very conservative credit scenarios.

Promus will both market the RNG directly to nearby transportation fleets and inject the RNG into the interstate pipeline grid. Promus’ RNG enables a transportation fleet to become GHG negative, support ag & regional economy, and reduce and stabilize their fuels costs simultaneously.

The initial project is at the George DeRutyer & Sons Dairy in the Outlook area of Washington state. This project will produce 4,300 diesel gallon equivalents of RNG, nutrient bio-fertilizers, and a fibrous, sustainable peat moss substitute.

The larger Promus Granger-Outlook project has the potential to convert organic waste from roughly 10,500 dairy cows into approximately 8,300 diesel gallon equivalents per day of pipeline quality renewable natural gas (RNG).

Dan Evans, president of Promus Energy, sees the system model as the first of a series of projects and expects this project to produce national interest.

Category: Waste to Resource, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture
Based in: Seattle, WA 
Founded in: 2013

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