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Semifinalists announced for 2021 Decarbon8-US

We're thrilled to announce the five companies selected to proceed to due diligence for Decarbon8, which gives everyone a chance to have a part in the startups revolutionizing our economy, through both personal and philanthropic investments.

Investing in climatetech innovation has never been more critical. With extreme heat and intense wildfires and smoke, this week's IPCC report confirmed climate change's irreversible impacts on our warming world. But the report also highlighted we have a small window to act. There is tremendous momentum behind EV adoption and charging infrastructure creating massive immediate opportunities in transportation-focused cleantech.

SiC Brakes | SiC Technologies

Cutting-edge hybrid carbon ceramic brakes and more

Carbon ceramic brakes have many benefits over traditional cast iron or steel brakes, including affordability, fuel economy, durability and performance. We like SiC's traction with OEM and aftermarket partners in the trucking industry, as well as non-dilutive government grants to test and scale their technology. Visit their website and Members may learn more in Proseeder.


Lighter, more efficient electric motors and generators

C-Motive makes revolutionary modular, scalable, and customizable electrostatic motors and generators. Ultra efficient and best for high torque applications, their motors have many uses including e-mobility, as well as industry and wind and wave renewable energy generators. We love the sheer innovation of their technology, its many applications, and validation from investors such as PRIME Impact Fund and Clean Energy Trust. Members learn more in Proseeder or visit their website.


Curb management focused on reducing congestion and increasing sustainability.

Designed to support city curb policies, increase potential revenue and provide new tools to support zero emissions transportation, Automotus provides real-time curb and street activity data across freight, ride hailing, delivery, passenger vehicles, buses, bikes and pedestrians, while setting up seamless payment for time spent at the curb. We are excited about their partnerships with LACI and the Santa Monica Zero Emissions Delivery Zone pilot, along with a new Dept. of Energy grant advancing zero emissions vehicles with NREL, PNNL, Pittsburgh and others. Members check it out in Proseeder or visit their website.

Innovative Rail Technologies

Electrifying the oldest and dirtiest switching locomotives, for emissions and urban public health

IRT's ATLAS locomotive conversion would fully electrify the 13,000 polluting diesel switcher locomotives operating in rail yards in cities across the US. It has the potential to dramatically reduce emissions and boost community health near rail lines while driving strong revenues and growth. IRT has a veteran team and early strategic partners, along with several letters of intent, and we'll be digging into their business model, financing and scaling options as part of due diligence. Members can learn more in Proseeder.

GOPower EV

Cost-effective EV charging for multi-family homes

GoPower EV offers an easy, low cost and high value charging solution tailored for multi-unit dwellings and hotels. Their lower power Level 1 and Level 2 outlets, along with load management software, provide sufficient charging for most users and can economically be added to give quick and broad access to tenants, without the hassle of charger reservations or expensive upgrades or costs to owners. We like their early pilots planned with several Bay Area apartment buildings, along with strong policy drivers in California; we see this as a possible complement to D8's Xeal investment. Members can learn more in Proseeder or visit their website.

We also encourage E8 Members and investors to explore the ideas and entrepreneurs that are alternates and on our watch list, such as ElectroTempo, RapidFlow,ElectricFish, Link, and Chargeway. Contact us if especially interested and some may be considered by E8 in the fall.


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