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Impact investing for our climate and returns made possible with E8

Impact investing to E8 means access to quality deals with vetted business models and environmental and climate focused outcomes. Plus a focus on investment options that make it easy to be a part of the climatetech opportunity.

E8’s Decarbon8-US 2021 round coincides with the recent surge in climate and cleantech investment across the country. With such need and excitement around climate innovation driven by the funding possibilities from the federal infrastructure bill or a larger shift in investment and private equity, there has never been a better time to invest climatetech to spur job growth, cut emissions and aid the clean energy transition.

E8 created Decarbon8-US to augment its impact investment platform and expand the number of people and organizations that can directly support cleantech enterprises creating lasting emissions reductions in a variety of sectors. Decarbon8’s specialized deal pipeline winnowed by cleantech angels gives anyone two ways to invest in companies at the forefront of the cleantech revolution—make a personal investment or make a philanthropic investment. You can pick the asset class and even amount that works for you, joining E8 and inspired entrepreneurial teams. (it’s also a fun way to engage family and the next generation). Plus if you prefer philanthropic investments for impact and possible returns, there’s the Decarbon8 Fund hosted at 501(c)(3) Realize Impact.

We’ve seen a variety of contributions from individuals and families, donor-advised funds, family foundations, highly appreciated securities and more. Notably, we’ve received grants from charitable gift funds at Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, Impact Assets, the Seattle Foundation and Silicon Valley Community Foundation. With more than 500,000 DAFs across the US with more than $100 billion in assets, you can drive economic growth and climate impact with a single and easy grant—and maybe see financial returns, too!

A dual goal of making a profit and cutting carbon to address climate change? A focus on fostering learning and on harnessing market forces to drive clean energy innovation? Please reach out to E8 to learn more.

And stay tuned as we wrap up our semifinalist due diligence of this month and RSVP for finalist presentations September 15 at 3PM PT!


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