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EV charging is on-location wherever you are, plus the next generation of solar

This month's E8 member monthly meeting features innovations in the EV charging arena and new tech for solars with pitches from SparkCharge, Solaires, and ChargeNet.

Not an E8 member? You can still join our monthly meetings as a guest by RSVP'ing here. Guests and members alike can stay up-to-date with the latest in E8 events on our event calendar.

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SparkCharge Fast on-call EV charging, for daily use and when you roll off the lot

What They Offer: SparkCharge is building one of the world’s first mobile EV charging networks. With their ChargeUp app and service and patent-pending Roadie hardware, their charges are faster and cost less than competitors. Need and Impact: With EV sales growing and charging options booming, SparkCharge has a special niche given its on-demand, almost-anywhere flexibility. They can help speed EV adoption and satisfaction as another solution to range anxiety and charger access and queues. Where They’re At: Since a June launch in Texas, SF and LA markets, they’ve delivered 47k+ miles of charging. They learn from drivers and customer cases every day, including key customers include Tesla, Ford, Mercedes Benz and AAA.


Advancing the next generation of solar energy performance with perovskites

What They Offer: With 44 patents approved or pending, Solaires’s Solar ink is a unique formulation for perovskite film with high energy conversation efficiency and stability. It can be used for various substrates and fabrication processes. Need and Impact: Current solar cells and tech are reaching their limit, and the class of minerals with a specific crystal structure can improve performance and reduce production costs. Where They’re At: They claim +20% improved performance in the lab and have a variety of partners teed up, including CanadianSolar and QDSolar. SolarInk sales begin this year and licensing is also a part of their business model.


A fast charge with your fast food and more, including at an SF Taco Bell near you

What They Offer: Proprietary software and integration that turns parking lots to profit centers, including all types of restaurants, with solar canopies, EV fast chargers and energy storage. Need and Impact: A ChargeNet station can displace the need for more than 228,000 gallons of gas, as another addition to filling out the EV charger landscape in communities. Where They’re At: Installation is underway at a Taco Bell in South San Francisco, with several more planned, as well as potential to be the sole software provider for a federal agency’s 450 US properties.


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