Decarbon8-US Fund Announces First 3 Investees; RSVP for Sept 10th launch briefing

Decarbon8-US, a philanthropic investment fund from E8 angels and Realize Impact, is thrilled to announce its first three investees, representing the decarbonization and investment potential for electric vehicles, hydrogen power and carbon capture. Please explore each – and be a part of it!

More details can be found in this combined announcement and RSVP link. D8 encourages your participation, with flexible ways to invest given your preferred amount and type, on top of discovering other cleantech deals with the E8 investor network.

1. Contribute any amount to Decarbon8-US by Sept. 21: you’ll be a part of each company’s investment with a new tax deductible gift or grant (including appreciated securities); you can directly boost the investments we make – and you may also share in any philanthropic returns (if over $5k).

2. Make a personal investment if you are an accredited investor and meet the respective minimums for the Earthly Labs and Steelhead Composites deals, you can access existing due diligence in your consideration.

Join our Sept. 10, 2020 presentations (noon PDT), and check with Mike Rea or the Fund Brief with queries.

D8 is made possible thanks to support from E8, UW, WSU, Craft3, the Cleantech Alliance and Stolte Family Foundation.


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