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E8 portfolio company StormSensor, which helps municipalities and industrial companies monitor stormw

Stormwater is the number one cause of water pollution in urban areas.

StormSensor is a stormwater management solution designed to "take the expense, fear, and frustration" out of stormwater compliance. Stormwater's system replaces a highly manual, duplicative, and costly process with one that automates the workflow for inspections, data entry, and reporting processes.

StormSensor's easily deployable network of sensors and cloud-based software provides real-time tracking and analytics. They:

  • Track and prevent urban flooding

  • Validate drainage modelsIdentify illicit discharges and dry weather flows

  • Evaluate green infrastructure and other control projects

  • Detect and quantify Combined Sewage Overflows

  • Measure impact of sea level rise on infrastructur

An additional $585,000 in recent funding brings their combined raise to $2.6M for this important environmental work. Geekwire's Taylor Soper provides more details. StormSensor lands more funding to help cities manage flooding and sewage overflow challenges


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