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E8 invests in LevelTen

LevelTen Energy Closes $6.8 Million

OCTOBER 17, 2017


Alternative energy startup LevelTen Energy completed $6.8 million in financing. Prelude Ventures, Techstars Ventures, Founder’s Co-op, Wireframe Ventures, Element 8, and Avista contributed to the round. By aggregating both buyers and sellers, LevelTen Energy’s technology-enabled marketplace offers smaller commercial and industrial (C&I) customers access to the same projects and terms afforded to the world’s largest energy buyers, and allows them to painlessly meet sustainability objectives and stabilize energy costs, making cumbersome requests for proposal processes a thing of the past. LevelTen connects electricity sellers and buyers in sophisticated ways by blending resources from wind and solar projects into optimally-shaped power portfolios and syndicating the energy to individual customers in suitable volumes.


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