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Pick My Solar

Pick My Solar is an online solar purchasing marketplace, providing homeowners and business owners with expert advice and high quality custom bids from a national network of highly qualified solar installers.

The solar sales process is difficult to navigate, and the various finance options are confusing. The overarching mission of Pick My Solar is to simplify the solar purchasing process, drive down costs, and provide the consumer advocacy necessary for solar to achieve broad market success.

Since launching in 2013, Pick My Solar has grown quickly due to a business model that remains agnostic to equipment, financing, and installers, building trust as a true consumer advocate. The Pick My Solar algorithm rates solar bids based on more than 40 criteria, favoring installers whose results demonstrate lean operations and efficient work processes.

The service is free to customers, who have a brief consultation by phone or email, and then receive multiple bids on the website from the top rated solar companies in the area. Pick My Solar selectively partners with regional installers to deliver competitive pricing, quality customer service, quick installations, and low cancellation rates.

Now operating in all major US markets, Pick My Solar’s web-based platform includes 106 installation companies that closed on a combined 82.45 megawatts (MW) of new deals in 2015.

Category: Renewable Energy, Clean Web
Based in: Los Angeles, CA
Founded in: 2013

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