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Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc. delivers advanced renewable energy solutions that enable our customers to develop long-life wireless sensor applications. Perpetua’s unique thermoelectric technology solutions convert heat into electric energy to deliver a very reliable source of renewable power for a variety of applications.

Perpetua’s customers are large industrial companies such as GE and Emerson that choose wireless sensing for lower install costs vs. wired sensors. The sensors are used to proactively maintain equipment and improve manufacturing efficiency. Current battery packs force costly trade-offs to extend useful life. Perpetua’s products use readily available heat to provide power for the full life of sensors.

Perpetua is focused on offering cost-effective and easy-to-integrate power products that last as long as the electronics they power.

Their Power Pucks provide a 20+ year renewable battery life for industrial wireless sensors. By extending battery life, or replacing batteries altogether, our products enable wireless sensors to collect more data over a given time period and offer opportunities to effectively operate in a wider range of environments.

From breakthrough thermoelectric technology to innovations in low power energy management and complete system design, Perpetua provides original energy harvesting solutions that deliver a new combination of renewable energy, power management and ease of installation.

Category: Renewable Energy

Based in: Corvallis, OR

Founded in: 2005

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