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Pacific Light Technologies

Pacific Light Technologies (PLT) delivers highly efficient optical materials and components to the LED industry to enable low cost, high performance LED lighting solutions. They are on a mission to make all color-converted LEDs operate with higher color quality and higher efficiency than is currently possible. Using quantum dot technology, they seek to generate efficient, high color-quality, warm-white lighting that surpasses the performance of rare-earth phosphors.                                                                                                          

Pacific Light Technologies develops, produces and sells quantum dot nanomaterials (QDs) that shift light with world class conversion efficiencies. The QDs are embedded into polymers and used in the high growth LED market in place of phosphors to convert blue LED light into white light. The polymers are sold to LED and luminaire manufacturers and enable significantly reduced device costs, higher quality light, and improved energy efficiency.

PLT has assembled a team of experts in the fields of quantum dot nanomaterials, polymer chemistry, and optoelectronics technology commercialization. The company has fully outfitted development and testing labs located in Portland, OR, and is currently sampling key customers in the industry.

Category: Advanced Materials, Lighting

Based in: Portland, OR

Founded in: 2011

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