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Our Investment Opportunities

Members in E8 gain access to pre-screened, high-quality deal flow from early-stage companies working to create a cleaner, more sustainable planet.  They then make individual investment decisions to build a portfolio reflecting their unique interests and goals.

E8 reviews and screens business plans on a regular basis and selects three to four companies to make presentations during monthly member luncheon meetings, which alternate between Eastside and Seattle locations.  Meetings also feature guest speakers who inform and educate our members on angel investing and on cleantech industry trends and issues.

With sufficient interest, the investors and entrepreneurs begin a collective due diligence effort. This collegial and informative due diligence process allows our members to take advantage of the wealth of skills and experience of the other members. E8 gives access to a powerful network of investors, entrepreneurs, executives, scientists, engineers, financial and legal experts, and thought leaders who are focused on moving to a sustainable economy.

Members make their own investment decisions to create a portfolio that best matches their unique interests and their desired balance of environmental and financial returns.

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