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OnSwitch is a trusted market platform providing onsite energy solutions to commercial buildings for the highest financial return and the easiest way to buy.


When an energy buyer comes to the platform, OnSwitch analyzes their building, energy use, and organizational preferences; then evaluates all available onsite energy systems and services, utility services, and financing options to generate a customized and financially-optimized solution for the energy buyer.


Leveraging their deep experience and industry relations, OnSwitch orchestrates their networks of pre-qualified installer, supplier, and financing partners, ensuring the best options in the market are always available for any particular customer’s requirements. OnSwitch procures all major equipment used in the energy solutions to obtain the highest volume price discounts to give the lowest prices and the strongest warranties for our customers.


As a customer advocate, OnSwitch continuously drives its platform partners to maintain a high level of communication and responsiveness to the needs of each customer, ensuring full customer satisfaction during the buying, financing, installation and operation of their energy system.

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Category:      Renewable Energy

                        Building Efficiency

Based in:       San Francisco, CA
Founded in:  2014

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