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Ondavia provides a fast, accurate, microfluidics-based water analysis system that enables real-time, trace-level chemical analysis.  A portable instrument and analyte-specific, consumable cartridges allow customers to measure contaminants down to part-per-billion levels—on-site, in under five minutes. 

This fast and accurate chemical analysis allows customers to make real-time decisions for process control, waste-water monitoring, site surveys, or pollution detection.  


It is ideally suited for the chemical analysis needs of a variety of industries—from oil and gas to chemical, environmental, and agricultural endeavours.

Ondavia's specialties are process control in the oil & gas industry, amines in refinery process waters, hydrogen sulfide scavengers in crude oil, and metals in waste water.


The OndaVia analysis system consists of a small, transportable instrument, and disposable, chemical-specific cartridges. These two components improve analysis time from days to minutes, while providing laboratory-grade detection are the parts-per-billion capabilities in the field.

OndaVia’s first innovation (UndEO™) replaces slow, cumbersome chromatography systems with a thumb-sized, microfluidic device. This patented separation technology is coupled with a compact Raman spectrometer for detection. To magnify the response signal, OndaVia uses a second, patented technology (eSERS™) to embed surface-enhanced, Raman-spectroscopy-active particles in the microfluidic device. The union of these two technologies enables quick and convenient chemical analysis.


Category: Advanced Chemistry, Water Technologies
Based in: Hayward, CA
Founded in: 2009

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