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Nori intends to reverse climate change by creating  the world’s only carbon dioxide removal marketplace.


They are building a transparent and secure platform that will allow anyone in the world to pay to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Their voluntary marketplace - based on blockchain technology - will enable carbon removal suppliers to connect directly with buyers, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Carbon removal refers to any ecological or industrial approach that can take carbon dioxide out of atmospheric or oceanic circulation beyond what would have occurred naturally. 

Nori will begin with soil carbon storage.  They chose to  start here because of the crisis of soil carbon loss, the immense potential to store carbon in soils, and the unique features of the Nori design which enable risk mitigation against carbon losses and lower verification costs that do not exist in traditional offset markets. Through more regenerative farming practices there is a theoretical capacity to store ten billion tonnes of CO2 per year. By creating a financial instrument that supports growers to increase carbon dioxide in their soils, we’re also advancing a number of great co-benefits like drought resistance, reduced runoff pollution, and an overall improvement of soil health.

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Category:      Carbon Removal

                        Sustainable Agriculture

Based in:       Seattle, WA
Founded in:  2017

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