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Membrion is a manufacturer of ultra-low cost, high performance ion exchange membranes used in water separation technologies and energy storage applications.

The high cost of current ion exchange membranes and the inferior performance of polymer membranes have held back many of the most promising solutions to today’s clean energy, fresh water and human health challenges. Membrion’s low-cost, high-performance advanced ceramic ion exchange membranes solve both problems, thereby allowing its customers to unlock the true potential of grid-scale energy storage; cutting-edge water purification and desalinization technologies; and advanced filtration in pharmaceuticals and chemical separations.


Membrion leverages silica gel – an inexpensive, non-toxic material that is often packaged with new shoes, beef jerky and many other consumer products – to produce a novel class of commercial ceramic membranes. Membrion’s technology converts the highly absorbent, small-pore silica gel into flexible ceramic membranes that can be engineered to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. It does so at a dramatic cost reduction relative to the current industry leading membranes.

Membrion's wide-reaching technology is expected to provide innovative solutions for water purification, pharmaceutical purification, in batteries, and in fuel cells. 

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Category:      Water Technologies

                        Energy Storage

Based in:       Seattle, WA
Founded in:  2016

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