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Member Benefits

E8 members enjoy many valuable benefits from participating in our unique angel investor network:​​

  • QUALITY DEAL FLOW.  E8 prescreens applicants for our mission and our standards. Three or four of the best early-stage cleantech companies will present during 8 member lunch meetings per year. The most promising cleantech start-ups often apply to E8 first, based on our experience and reputation.

  • SHARED DUE DILIGENCE.  Collective due diligence increases effectiveness and reduces the cost and time over going it solo. It helps manage individual risk, as the insights and perspectives from varied experiences and skills are brought to bear on a common deal. This cooperative environment provides a particularly supportive learning experience for new angel investors.

  • A PROSEEDER ™ ACCOUNT.  ProSeeder’s platform provides collaborative tools and processes to automate deal workflow and due diligence, communicate confidentially within our membership, increase access to more investment opportunities,  and syndicate deals with other networks and accredited investors.

  • DEAL SYNDICATION with other angel groups to fill-out investment rounds.

  • High-quality EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS by angel investment and cleantech industry experts at regular monthly meetings and additional symposiums.

  • Occasional  “MEMBER-ONLY” MEETINGS with top investors, entrepreneurs and other thought leaders in clean technology or access to unique cleantech-related venues.

  • Occasional FIELD TRIPS,  both regional and international, to meet with research institutions, emerging companies, and like-minded investors.

  • CAMARADERIE AND NETWORKING  in the informal setting of our two social ‘Showcase’ meetings per year and other events throughout the year.

  • Access to a LARGE NETWORK of fellow investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, venture capitalists, educators, elected and appointed officials, scientists, engineers and thought-leaders who are focused on moving to a sustainable economy.

  • Access to member restricted content


       access to their events at the member-rate.


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E8 provides these benefits while maintaining the privacy of its members in accordance with the organization’s Confidentiality Policy. Please also read the Legal Disclaimer, which describes the legal relationship among E8, members and entrepreneurs or companies.

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