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LSI Virticus

LSI Virticus products and services enable customers to reduce energy and maintenance costs by 30-50% via communication and control systems that manage lights individually or collectively. Their solution scales economically from 10 lights in a church parking lot to 10,000,000 lights managed by a city.



LSI Virticus is the leader in innovative and informative systems that manage indoor and outdoor lighting systems. With a pledge toward simplicity and sophistication, it has developed a world class solution that starts with a controller in a light, software to access those lights and service plans to make sure that customers have access to critical information.

The LSI Virticus solution has the technical means to support tens of millions of lights and the economical means to support 10 lights in a parking lot with a payback typically between 12-16 months.

Many of their customers – cities, parking garages, and gas stations – see a greater than 50% savings on their energy bill, substantiated with built-in revenue grade metering, all while improving safety by providing light when it is needed.

Category:  Lighting

Based in: Beaverton, OR

Founded in: 2006

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