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Lilac Solutions

Lilac Solutions is transforming lithium extraction. 


Their unique patented ion exchange technology enables lithium producers to accelerate project development, boost lithium recovery, streamline operations, and unlock new resources.

By doing so, they enable electric transportation which will mitigate millions of metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric vehicles are driving unprecedented growth in the lithium market, where demand is expected to more than quadruple over the next decade. To convert the global vehicle market to battery power, lithium supply would need to expand by 40x. Even partial adoption of electric vehicles will require dramatic growth. Grid storage, aerial drones, and scooters are also fast-growing markets with large appetites for lithium.

Lilac’s environmentally-conscious ion exchange process utilizes a wide variety of brine resources to produce high-purity lithium solutions that can be efficiently converted into battery-grade lithium chemicals.

It protects the natural environment by eliminating the need for large evaporation ponds, which require significant quantities of water and yield salt-by products which are toxic to local wildlife and plants.  And the economic competitiveness of their process displaces demand for open pit mining, with its concomitant environmental damage.

The result is a sustainable and reliable material supply chain for a vital resource needed for a renewable energy future. 

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Category:      Battery Technology 

                             & Energy Storage

Based in:       Oakland, CA
Founded in:  2015

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