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Level 10

By mobilizing untapped corporate demand for clean energy, LevelTen aims to decarbonize the grid more rapidly.

Xconomy profiled LevelTen in its May 2017 article LevelTen Aims to Satisfy Surging Corporate Renewable Energy Demand in which founder Bryce Smith likens LevelTen to what you’d get “if and [mutual fund giant] Vanguard had a baby that really cared about renewable energy.”

LevelTen Energy aims to become the “mutual fund of PPAs” by providing a platform that aggregates PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) buyers and sellers. This will unlock more renewable energy generation by allowing corporations to easily buy blended resources from a variety of energy generation and storage projects reducing their risk and complexity, and allowing developers to get more projects through completion.

This market has previously been dominated by bilateral transactions that require large purchases of energy, which cuts out mid-sized energy consumers, and then furthermore exposes purchasers to high risk. LevelTen has a unique servicing model and pricing algorithm to bring back control over risk and size of energy purchase to the consumer.

LevelTen is first targeting the commercial and industrial power market in 20 states that allow for direct electricity purchases.

Category: Finance, Renewable Energy
Based in: Seattle, WA
Founded in: 2015

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