LARS JOHANSSON: Board Member at Large  & E8 Fund Manager

“I learn something new from members in every meeting.“ 


Lars Johansson is one of the earliest and most engaged E8 members. He served as E8’s Co-Chair for over 6 years and is an active cleantech angel investor and mentor to early stage companies.


Along with Sue Preston and Jeff Canin, he manages the E8 Fund, launched in 2015.


Lars has served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at i2E since 2013 and at the University of Washington’s Center for Commercialization (now known as CoMotion) from 2011 to 2012, helping commercialize clean technology inventions.

His background is in IT where Lars was an executive at Microsoft for a combined 16 years, the first 5 in his native country of Sweden, before relocating to the Pacific Northwest in 1993 to lead the development of the company’s initial volume licensing programs. Most recently he was responsible for Microsoft’s Worldwide System Builder business.

Lars currently serves on the board of Climate Solutions and on the founding advisory board for WWU’s Institute for Energy Studies. He has a business degree from the University of Uppsala and a “gymnasie-engineer” degree from Älvkullegymnasiet in Karlstad, both in Sweden.

“I came to E8 for the focus on Cleantech. Those are the kinds of companies that I care about and want to see. Maybe the next social media or consumer good company would be a better investment but I just can’t be bothered. The reason I stayed however, and got so heavily involved, is for the fun and value of doing this as a group. I don’t trust myself to have all the right questions or insights and I learn something new from members with different backgrounds in every meeting.“