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E8 is a member organization of private accredited impact angel investors solely focused on investing in promising, early-stage cleantech companies.   We partner with outstanding entrepreneurs from all across North America to build successful companies and bring their innovations to market.  


By bringing together angel investors, early-stage cleantech companies thought leaders, and the best of our cleantech research scientists, E8 is helping to accelerate the transition to a prosperous and sustainable future.   


Would you like to join E8 and be a part of that mission?


If you are an accredited investor, we invite you to be a guest to one of our member meetings, in-person if you live in the Puget Sound area or via live-streaming if you live elsewhere.


Simply email


If  - after being inspired by our entrepreneurs, intrigued by our expert speakers, and invigorated by the lively, smart people around you - you decide to become a member, we'll fill you in on the easy and fast paperwork and membership fee involved.  There are a few legal technicalities we need to follow.


Not an accredited investor?


If you do not meet the requirements for an accredited investor - essentially, someone with the income or net worth to absorb the risks inherent in early-stage investing -  no worries. There are still several ways to connect with E8.


Twice a year, in June and December, E8 hosts a Showcase for us to gather socially, network, and informally chat with other like-minded folks, along with some of our portfolio companies.  All are welcome!


E8 also offers occasional social and educational events where anyone with interest in cleantech is welcome.


To be added to our mailing list for our newsletter, educational, and  Showcase events, please email


Like to volunteer your skills and expertise to E8?


Many professionals and graduate students volunteer their skills to E8 to help advance our mission.  Our Fellows are a vital part of E8, and we could not accomplish all that we do without the gift of their time and savvy.


In return, our Fellows gain access to cleantech insights, the chance to work with and learn from experienced investors and entrepreneurs, hands-on experience in due diligence teams or marketing and communication projects, and connections to an extended and engaged business network. 


For more information on Fellowship opportunities, please email our Executive Director,

Karin Kidder.

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