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Iteros is an energy software company that models, controls and manages sustainable energy systems for both utilities and customers by optimizing distributed generation, energy storage, and other complementary distributed energy resource technologies.

This results in a smarter, more reliable, and more sustainable energy grid.

Iteros provides an end-to-end software platform with modules for modeling & simulation, monitoring & visualization and controls/management enabling their OEM customers to have a vertically integrated solution to reduce customer acquisition costs, increase sales, and lower project costs.

Iteros provides compelling competitive advantages through four key differentiators:

  • RAPID DEPLOYMENT Plug & Play installation and standard, templatized controls, with automatic system tuning using machine learning. This reduces implementation cost significantly.

  • SCALABILITY Capabilities expand with a click of the mouse as a customer’s needs or the regulatory environment change.

  • MARKET FLEXIBILITY Works with both energy consumers as well as utilities, in multiple energy markets, with various local regulatory standards. HARDWARE AGNOSTIC Doesn’t require the use of specific hardware. Customers can choose the best-in-breed or most cost-effective solution. Iteros can build a compelling equipment library for downstream sales.

Category:      Software Analytics

                        Energy & Resource


                        Energy Storage

                        Smart Grid
Based in:       La Jolla, CA
Founded in:  2016

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