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Inventys has developed a novel gas separation technology that represents the lowest-cost source of carbon capture from industrial flue gas streams (smoke stacks). The recovered CO2 can then be used for enhanced oil recovery or geologically stored – mitigating its impact on climate change.

Inventys’ proprietary VeloxoTherm™ process is very capital efficient – less than one-third the cost of existing post-combustion CO2 capture technologies. This capital efficiency will finally make enhanced oil recovery and carbon sequestration economically viable, while helping petroleum refining, gas processing and petrochemical companies reduce their environmental impact.

The VeloxoTherm™ process is scalable and can be readily integrated into new and existing combustion and chemical processes (heaters, boilers, crackers, cement kilns, blast furnaces, and gas turbines).    


Any facility can continue operating during the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of a VeloxoTherm™ plant as it is downstream of all unit operations within the facility.

Inventys was recently funded by Sustainable Development Technology Canada and is currently finalizing partnership agreements with some of the world’s largest energy companies.

Category: Environmental Technologies

Based in: Vancouver, BC

Founded in: 2007

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