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Chomp’s distributed bioenergy solutions reduce energy & disposal costs by generating energy from adjacent organic waste streams.

Chomp™ develops and manufactures bioenergy products that allow communities and commercial food waste generators to lessen their environmental footprint and conserve local soil resources, while also reducing their waste disposal and energy costs.

Their prefabricated bioenergy units are uniquely engineered and sized to allow organizations and communities to practice onsite bioenergy food waste diversion, thus substantially reducing multiple costs and generating a faster ROI than wind or solar.

By scaling down the size and cost of anaerobic digestion (AD), Chomp reduces the environmental footprint of even a single cafeteria or restaurant by offsetting trucking offsite to distant facilities, while also offsetting less sustainable forms of energy with self-generated renewable energy.

Products include:

  • the HORSE series -  an acronym for High-solids Organic-waste Recycling System with Electrical Output — a machine that offers local waste reclamation as well as energy and high-grade fertilizer to its owners

  • the Nautilus, is a larger-scale version of our HORSE. It’s a living system that converts organic waste into energy and probiotic plant food with zero waste. 

  • the OX  Organic Digestor Xeriz Converter - a continuous high solids (“dry”) digestion process that can accept commingled food, wet waste, paper, cardboard, and landscape waste. It is tolerant of contamination. The output is wet organic material that should be land applied immediately, composted, aged, or dried. 

  • the Buffalo Biogas Management System, designed for international customers that are capable of designing and building their own microdigesters.


Category:      Waste to Resource

                        Renewable Energy
Based in:       Seattle, WA

                        Auburn, WA
Founded in:  2013

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