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Idle Smart

Idle Smart reduces fuel use in long-haul truck fleets, using a proprietary software and hardware suite that monitors cabin temperature and battery level, and autonomously idles engine at optimal time, instead of idling all night.  In addition, it can help fleets avoid flat batteries.

Needless idling causes long- haul trucks to unnecessarily emit over 33,000 pounds of CO2and waste almost $6000 per truck per year

In the U.S. alone, semi-trucks collectively drive over 140 billion miles a year (~100,000 miles/year for long-distance trucks) and emit around 500 million tons of CO2per year (~13% of total U.S. CO2 emissions).  And presently 190,000 new semis are sold and hit the roads annually.

Idle Smart is a proprietary start stop technology for sleeper cabs that reduces fuel usage and maintains fleet uptime by:

  • Reducing overnight idling by 50% to 70%

  • Providing year-round cabin comfort

  • Maintaining and recharging batteries

  • Protecting against fuel gelling

The company adds value with SmartAlerts™ – a completely customizable notifications and alerts platform for fleets to reduce costly reactive maintenance, avoid vehicle down time, and save more money on fuel. 

Battery Protect™ allows fleets to monitor batteries and run the engine for a desired amount of time when voltages get low.

With Cold Start Guard™, fleets have the ability to have their trucks start at a specific coolant temperature and run until the desired engine coolant temperature is reached. 

Additional markets include day cabs, Auxiliary Power Units (battery APUs), and school buses.

Benefits accrue to fleet owners, drivers, and fleet maintenance managers. 

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Category:      Advanced Transportation

Based in:       Kansas City, MO
Founded in:  2011

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