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Ibis Networks

Ibis Networks is an energy management & data analytics company focused on commercial applications. Their patented Intelisocket™ platform creates an instant “smart grid” at the wall socket level, allowing enterprises to monitor and remotely control energy use for every device plugged into the network. Intelisocket™ is built with military grade security from the ground up and the cloud down and is highly scalable for large customer deployments. Unlike competing platforms, Ibis’ SaaS model significantly reduces up front “cost of capital” and technology risks, saving their customers money from day one without a significant up-­‐front investment.

Ibis Networks creates secure mesh networks using 128-bit AES encryption and patented Intelisocket technology to provide real-time monitoring and remote control of every electrical device in the network. Additional benefits include comprehensive analysis of energy consumption on a device-by-device basis as well as individual device ‘health’ monitoring (e.g. increased power consumption may indicate failing fan, virus, etc).

Their system also allows businesses to extend demand-response capabilities down to the device level and provide peak-load management at the individual appliance level. Energy Star estimates that $10B of socket level expense results simply from standby power usage where the device is turned on but not actively being used. By employing our network to turn off devices not in use, businesses can reduce standby power usage alone by 33-50%.

Unlike other ‘smart plug’ technologies that focus on the direct socket sales to end users, Ibis offers a service-oriented subscription model with revenue share for the enterprise market that provides instant net savings to the customer. For example, several of our existing Hawaii pilot projects are providing an average savings of over $6 per month per socket. While this number partly reflects the high cost of island energy ($.28-$.42/kwh), it also highlights their ability to create significant network-widesavings with Intelisocket ™ Meshnet systems. Their revenue sharing platform provides instant savings to customers with low up-front capital expense or recurring cost. This is one factor that enables Ibis o scale quickly to become the market leader at the enterprise level.

Our model allows the company to collect significant data around energy consumption, providing valuable analytics in detailed reports to customers that help them make smarter decisions about energy usage. At the same time Ibis is able to conduct massive data analytics on real-time energy consumption by a myriad of devices (printers, copiers, computers, coffee makers, etc.), eventually allowing them to provide cost comparison guidance to customers on purchase decisions.

Category: Energy Efficiency
Based in: Honolulu, HI
Founded in: 2013

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