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In February 2013, Hydrovolts announced that, while on the “cusp” of initial commercial sales of its small hydroelectric turbines, it had run out of operating capital and, according to Hydrovolts’ president and chief operating officer, Mike Layton, was “… looking at ways to restructure it and move forward.” Their website is still active.

Hydrokinetic turbines are significantly more cost effective than other small-scale renewable solutions, like wind or solar.

Hydrovolts’ turbine is delivered ready to “plug and play,” with a power output that can be directly plugged into the load or wired for net metering. It has been engineered for easy “drop-in” installation – no dams or construction needed. Smaller turbines can be generating power in less than an hour.

Hydrovolts’ turbine produces power as long as water flows. Its capacity factor is much greater than wind or solar, and therefore the cost per generated kWh is lower. Since constructed waterways have managed flows, power generation is completely predictable, unlike intermittent wind and solar power.

The turbine can be dropped in place, requiring only connection to an inverter and the ultimate power load.

Category: Renewable Energy, Water Technologies

Based in: Seattle, WA

Founded in: 2007

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