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HoneyComb ceased operations in 2019.

HoneyComb is focused on drone-based aerial imaging solutions for precision agriculture and forestry. Its mission is to:

  • Provide robust  drone-based  sensing and imaging technologies

  • Offer accessible and effective data processing solutions that increase yield and reduce costs

  • Provide industry leading service and support by listening to customers

  • Consistently innovate through product development and research partnerships

  • Support the community through technology-based outreach, preparing the next generation of farmers

HoneyComb’s AgDrone™ system is designed to capture imagery in such a way that processing is fast and efficient, getting the fast results needed for crop management, land surveying, insurance claims, crop forecasting, and environmental monitoring, to name just a few applications.

This company-produced video shows the ease of use of the Honeycomb AgDrone™ system.



Tom Garrett of SS Equipment launches the Honeycomb AgDrone in a field north of Corvallis.

The AgDrone™ system can be hand launched from anywhere and is fully autonomous.  No prior flight experience is required; the computer takes care of it.

The drone has a full composite exoskeleton made from Kevlar® aramid fibers, the same material used in bulletproof vests and 10x stronger than steel. 

Its patent pending camera configuration allows farmers to survey up to 800 acres in a single hour with dual cameras, capturing RGB visible and NIR imagery in high definition. That means twice the data and no need to fly multiple missions to get all the information farmers need.

Flight plans can be generated quickly on a tablet, making it feasible to easily plan a mission  and be flying within minutes of arriving at the field. Images and flight logs can be uploaded to Honeycomb’s cloud servers for fast data processing and unlimited hosting. Smart analytics let farmers evaluate crop health and make real-world measurements, and this information can be accessed anywhere and viewed on mobile or desktop devices.


Category:     Sustainable Agriculture
Based in:      Wilsonville, OR
Founded in: 2012

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