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Greenwood Clean Energy

Greenwood manufactures clean, biomass-fired central heating systems for the $25 billion home and light commercial heating markets. Their wood gasification boilers combine clean, high performance with affordability, a unique quality in the market.


Most of Greenwood’s customers are rural homeowners who use fuel oil or propane to heat their homes and hot water. They average $4000 a year to do so. With increasing energy prices, they are looking for ways to reduce this expense.

Wood-fired central heating is a desirable option; however the EPA’s 2014 nationwide standard will stop the sale of over 90% of existing models due to non-compliance. Greenwood’s products meet these new standards with their game-changing, patent-pending CrossFire™ Combustion technology.

Greenwood’s heating appliances are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. They offer a lower-cost, environmentally friendly heating option which improves air quality and reduces fossil fuel use.

Customers can lower home heating bills by as much as 70%. The appliances connect with the existing heating system, – whether it be forced air, hot water, or radiant – and are sold via a dealer channel which handles installation and maintenance.

Category: Efficient Building

Based in: Bellevue, WA

Founded in: 2009

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