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Green Canopy 

Green Canopy is an urban home builder with a mission to "build homes, relationships, and businesses that help regenerate communities and environments".

The Green Canopy team came together in 2009, guided by a strong sense of purpose and the belief that they can create greater access to sustainable housing while combating resource scarcity and climate challenges.


Through urban infill, deep green homebuilding, and the sophisticated management and application of impact investment capital, Green Canopy builds to
rigorous standards of resource efficiency, using quality green materials, and sustainable construction practices.  


Projects range from individual single-family homes to row houses and future homes will be net-zero ready. Net Zero Energy homes produce enough energy to offset their energy consumption needs over the course of a year through solar energy and ultra-efficient systems.

Green Canopy  currently builds and sells in the Seattle and Portland areas.

Green Canopy is working to create a better future where…

  • Net zero energy homes become the norm

  • Good homes are affordable

  • Wild lands are preserved

  • Communities are resilient and inclusive

  • Stakeholders are engaged, educated, and inspired

  • Impact investors earn profits


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