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Full Circle 

Full Circle is dedicated to delivering delicious hand-selected organic produce, free of pesticides and herbicides, to homes and pick up sites throughout the greater Seattle area. 

Full Circle provides a direct-to-consumer subscription service (weekly or bi-weekly) of various sized “boxes” of local-sourced, organic and sustainably-grown fruits and vegetables, as well as artisan groceries. Customers can enjoy the farm-selected items for that week, or customize their selections.



Full Circle’s produce comes from organic and sustainable growers, including many family farms, as local as possible to the markets they serve. Their products are free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. They sell only hormone-free, farm-fresh milk, cheese and eggs. All meats come from livestock raised and harvested in a humane, sustainable fashion. Grass-fed? Always. Feedlots? Never!

They seek out and promote a wide variety of the local products  customers love – chocolates, granolas, dairy, poultry, seafood, and seasonal selections such as foraged edibles and berries. Artisan producers create whole-grain breads and pastas with care. Because of their unique model, Full Circle offers a variety of options that typical CSA’s can’t, such as year-round variety and the ability to customize produce boxes.

Category: Sustainable Agriculture

Based in: Carnation, WA

Founded in: 1996

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