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Flux Drive Inc. designs and manufactures permanent magnet adjustable speed drives and couplings that increase the life and performance of rotating equipment. The company’s patented technology greatly lowers power requirements and extends the life of motor driven systems by allowing motors to run at constant speed while the Flux Drive provides soft starting and adjustable speed. Flux Drive products have been proven to reduce system maintenance cost, increase operating time, and offer substantial energy savings.

Their customers reduce peak power demand and lower energy consumption.

Flux Drive’s Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD) and ‘Smart’ Coupling (FSC) overcome the inherent limitation of single-speed motors, providing a simple solution to deliver energy savings up to 75%.

The FSCs and ASDs transfer torque by means of magnetic induction across a ‘soft-torque’ air gap. These patented devices can be thought of as a frictionless transmission or clutch between a motor and pump or fan. The simplicity of the product reduces the pain of installation, increases the operating life of the equipment on which it is installed, and provides significant energy savings.

This prevents the waste of enormous amounts of energy and money for customers in industries as diverse as Power Generation , Oil & Gas, Forestry, Water, Mining, Maritime, Chemical Processing, etc.

Flux Drive

Category: Energy Efficiency

Based in: Kent, WA

Founded in: 2007

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