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Fledge - the "conscious company accelerator" - helps impactful entrepreneurs take their ideas into reality and prototype-stage companies into growth, via an intense, 10-week program of guidance, education, and massive amount of mentorship.


They help foster a wave of companies that make,not just a measurable impact in the world, but a noticeable improvement in the lives of everyone on the planet.


Since 2012, Fledge has worked with dozens of incredible entrepreneurs from nearly two dozen countries, collectively dealing with everything from recycling to agriculture, clean energy to finance to veterinarian services.

In exchange for a small percentage of equity, plus a small percentage of future revenues, Fledge provides their “fledglings” with cash towards their start-up costs along with an even more valuable intensive 10-week program of education, advice, and mentorship.

Fledge's goal is simply to help as many mission-driven, for-profit entrepreneurs as they can, to help prove that it is possible to make money improving the world.

Category:     Accelerators & Incubators
Based in:      Seattle, WA
Founded in: 2012

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